10 Reasons I Love ‘Follow Me: Daily Lent Guide for Families’

51XU0LOxqiL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_I was so excited when I saw that Amy Robinson had brought out a guide for families for Lent ‘Follow Me: Daily Lent Guide for Families’ – and it does not disappoint. We do stuff with our kids for Advent and Holy Week, and had really wanted to do something with them for Lent, but hadn’t really got around to thinking about it much. Does anyone else find that a year seems to take half the time to whizz by once you have kids?! But, thanks to Amy’s awesome book, we are set to go!

With Lent being 40 days, I was going to try to write 40 reasons I think this is a great resource, but that seemed perhaps a little excessive (and I’m writing this with one hand while I nurse my 6 month old!). So, here are 10 reasons I would absolutely recommend using this book if you’re looking for a family resource this Lent.

  1. Looking at one passage from different angles for a whole week opens it up in so many ways and gives an opportunity for all styles of learners and thinkers to access the passage.
  2. The activities are short enough that you can easily fit one in each day, but open enough that they can readily be extended and continued if you have more time.
  3. Amy gives historical and cultural context to the different stories, giving them colour and bringing them to life.
  4. Anything you might need for the more crafty activities is probably kicking round your house somewhere already – or is easily available at the local supermarket. You’re certainly not going to need to make regular runs to expensive craft shops.
  5. The activities can be used by children of different ages, making it a great whole family resource.
  6. It can be used year after year – especially the ‘go wondering’ questions. I’m really looking forward to seeing how my children’s answers develop year on year.
  7. The re-telling of each Bible story comes with tips for telling the story which is great for those of us who might not be natural story tellers!
  8. But for those who love to spin a yarn, there’s enough freedom and room to really embrace the re-telling and have a wonderful time telling the story to your children.
  9. Amy has such a gift with words and communicating stories: the re-tellings are beautifully written – you’ll love them.
  10. The ‘Community Day’ happens every Sunday and is an activity to do in a community – it’s a lovely idea and I’m excited to give this a whirl. I was a bit worried they might be quite onerous or require organising groups of people, but Amy’s a vicar’s wife and mum to two young children – and isn’t daft! The community day activities are totally do-able and will easily fit into your day.

Lent is less than two weeks away now, so do order yourself a copy and have a read through. I know Amy would love to hear how you’ve used it and what you thought, and if you manage to write a list of 40 reasons you enjoyed using it, do send me a link 🙂

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