The Inspector Who Came To See

Once there was a little boy called Boaz,
and he was playing Lego with him mummy
on the floor.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Boaz’s mummy said,
“I wonder who that can be.

It can’t be the milkman
because we go to Tesco.

And it can’t be the delivery man from Asda
because this isn’t the time I booked.

And it can’t be Daddy
because all the trains are delayed.

We’d better open the door and see.”

Boaz opened
the door, and
there was a big,
officious, OFSTED inspector.
The inspector said,
“Excuse me, but
I’m very important.
Do you think
I could have
a word with you?”
Boaz’s mummy
said, “All right,
come in.”

So the inspector came into the lounge and sat down on the sofa.

Boaz’s mummy said, “What would you like to know?”
But the inspector didn’t just answer the question.
He took all the Lego Boaz was playing with
and put it in the box with one big swipe.

And he still looked grumpy,
so Boaz offered him some play dough.

But the inspector didn’t play with the play dough.
He put all the play dough in the tub.
And the he cleared away all the cars,
and all the paints,
until there was nothing
left to play with on the floor.

So Boaz’s mummy said,
“Would you like to see some writing?”
And the inspector went
through all the books on the book case
and all the puzzles in the draw.

And then he looked round the house
to see what else he could find.

He looked at all the toys
that were floating in the bath…
…and all the crayons in the tin
… and all the flour and sugar in the kitchen…
…and he inspected all the DVDs,
and all the musical instruments,
and all daddy’s books
and all the teddies in the bed.

Then he said
“Thank you for an informative visit. I think I’d better go now.”

And he went.

Boaz’s mummy said, “I don’t know what to do. I had no lesson plans for the inspector, he’s seen it and made notes on it all.”

And Boaz found he couldn’t have his story time
because the inspector had removed all the books without subjunctive clauses.

Just then Boaz’s daddy came home.

So Boaz and his mummy told him what had
happened, and how the inspector had cleared away all the toys
and taken all the Bibles.

And Boaz’s daddy said, “I know what we’ll do.
I’ve got a very good idea. We’ll put on our coats
and go to a park.”

So they went out in the rain, and all the umbrellas
were up, and all the cars had their wipers on, and they
walked across a field to the park.

And they had a lovely playtime with
tree climbing and mud and puddles.

In the morning
Boaz and his mummy
made cakes
and they played
lots of dressing up.

And they also made
a very big poster of
Spelling Rools, in case
the inspector should
come to see again.

But he never did.

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