IMG_9301Hi, I’m Bethan. I’m wife to James and mummy to three great little boys – Boaz who’s 4, Josiah who’s 2, and Samuel who was born in July. I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling mum (though as Boaz is only 4, this mainly involves lots of playing and not a whole lot of ‘schooling’). I’ve found mummy-blogs to be a real encouragement and help as I’ve been learning about my vocation as a wife, mother and homemaker. They’ve prompted me to think about my role in new ways, and to consider some of the questions that it throws up. I pray that, if you too are on the journey to grow in your ministry in this area, that this blog might also be an encouragement and help to you. But please know – if I’ve blogged it, it’s because I’m working though it – not because I’ve got it sussed! I’m still undergoing a steep learning curve, and I suspect I will be for some time!

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